Rock-solid code

Savvy labs helps its customers build rock-solid codebases for web & mobile. We practice full-stack development.

Discovery & Design

We are full-stack. Not all of our projects have a graphical component, however, all of them involve design.

Structure & Form

Code is read many times more than it is written. Clear, well-structured code is much more easily understood and less likely to cause confusion and bugs in the future.

Poorly written code, on the other hand, quickly becomes a quagmire.

We design and build systems carefully. We use consistent processes with safeguards that allow us to work quickly.

Maintenance & Operations

Some estimates have put the cost of maintenance as high as 90% of total lifetime cost. We think this is insane and avoidable.

The first way to keep this number low is to not ship bugs. The earlier they are caught, the lower the cost.

By investing in effective testing, we catch bugs early.

Good visibility and elerting are essential to operational efficiency.

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