We use the appropriate technologies for the project at hand.

Here are some examples:

Phoenix & Elixir

Phoenix is a web framework that we're really into. It is relatively new but has learned some lessons from frameworks like Rails and Django.

It's fast, it scales well, and is great for developer productivity.

It's written in Elixir, a language that is built for concurrency and fault tolerance.

Stable and fast is a great combination.


We've worked with a good number of javascript frameworks, and React is our favorite.


We use React Mobile framework to build cross-platform apps. This framework has several advantages. However, if it makes sense to do so we can build native apps.

Cloud Infrastructure & Devops

We use tools like Terraform and Ansible to create reproducible, flexible and maintanable infrastructure, usually on Amazon Web Services.


We have extensive experience working in e-commerce and mobile payments.


Traffic is essential, and a little attention to SEO can make a big difference. We build with it in mind and know the tricks to boost your rankings.

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